Fixed 2 cols layout

Based on Big John's Piefecta

First in source

This center col is first in the source and is floated right. The left col (second in source) is floated left in the same wrapper.

The headings and paragraphs are widthless and have 1px red borders to show any width problems in the columns.

Some Of The Features

Here is a right float test box.

Any column may be longest. All the columns are floated.

This is a test link.

Second in source

Here is a left float test box.

This col is left floated and also negatively margined to the left, so it is pulled out of its container except for a single pixel that is kept within the container.

Here is a right float test box.

This layout works in: IE5+/Win, Opera 6+, Mozilla, IE5/Mac, Safari.

This is a test link. A simplified version (no support for older Gecko (1.7-) and IE/Mac.


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