1. in first row (green) height:40px, padding-bottom:20px, border-bottom:10px
  2. in second row (blue) height:20px, border-bottom:10px


  1. first normal,
  2. second 'fixed',
  3. third with divs inside (height moved on those),
  4. fourth has (total) height on rows,
  5. fifth has first column with cells with total height (no padding, no border) and width 0,
  6. sixth has border-box,
  7. seventh has content-box,
  8. eighth has border-collapse: collapse

Results: height on cell (td) is interpreted as:

  1. content-box height in: IE/Win/standards, Saf3/standards
  2. border-box height in: IE/Win/quirks, Gecko 1.8+, Op9, Saf3/quirks


  1. first set 'normal',
  2. second with content-box,
  3. third with padding-box,
  4. fourth with border-box.

Default is:

  1. content-box: Gecko, IE/Win/standards, Op9, Saf
  2. border-box: IE/Win/quirks