IE7-/Win: Not clickable image in a link (caused by hasLayout)

The boxes with yellow border (and dotted semi-transparent background) are block links with hasLayout, containing an image and some text. The image and part of the text are enclosed in a green bordered box.

  1. The green bordered box has no Layout: The whole link is clickable (except the image in IE5.0)
  2. The green bordered box has Layout: The contained image is no more clickable. The rest of the green bordered box is clickable. The cursor is no more 'pointer' over the whole green bordered box. The default border on the image is no more present.
  3. Like 2, but the green bordered box has z-index:-1, the image is clickable.
  4. Like 2, with 'onclick' on the link: The onclick event is triggered, so the image is clickable.

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