Containers, Overflow, min-width, …

A grey box (width:100%) containing a blue, a green and a red one. The red has width:400px. If the window is narrow enough, the red box "overflows" the container (except in IE6-/Win.) Blue box hasLayout, green box no hasLayout.

with an extra wrapper to emulate the standard behaviour in IE6-/Win

container has display:table

container has min-width:420px (doesn't work in IE6-/Win; the red box and the IE6-/Win box expansion are NOT a working emulation of min-width.)

container has min-width:420px, there are 2 extra wrappers to emulate min-width in IE6-

container has float:left, width:auto

container has position:absolute, width:auto

container is a good old table

container has display:inline-block, width:auto

blue and green boxes are at least 400px wide in IE/Win with an expression

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